Membership of the club is open to parents and guardians of children attending the club who have:

  • Signed the club registration form, registering one or more child at the club.
  • Paid the club membership fees.

Club registration takes place at the annual general meeting in May.

Registration outwith the AGM is accepted only in exceptional circumstances; for example where a place is requested, and accepted, at a different time of the year.

Membership may be terminated at the discretion of the committee, and is contingent on compliance with the club rules and maintenance of payment for club services.



£25 a year (£20 if you attend the AGM) per child.

£15 for holiday use, per child.



During Term Time –

Breakfast club – £3.75 per session

Monday to Thursday – £9.20 per session

Fridays – Until 2.30pm – £6.30

Until 4.30pm – £13.30

Until 6pm – £22.00

During Holidays –

Full Day 7.45am till 6 pm    £36.00

Half Day 7.45am till 12.30pm or from 1pm till 6pm     £24.00

Trip Day 7.45am till 6pm   £42.00


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