The Committee for 2023/2024 comprises:

Kevin Dorrian                               Chair 

Rheannon Galloway                   HR Advisor

Marta Padilla Pardo                   Secretary

Heather Forgan                            Treasurer

Morag Don                                      Member

Karen Foster                                  Member

Julie Buchanan Smith                Member

Steven Atkinson                            Member

John-Michael Howison              Member 


The role of the Committee is to ensure:

  • That the Club is well run
  • That plans are in place to ensure its on-going success
  • That its staff have the support and resources they need to deliver a high quality service
  • That the Club is compliant with law and good practice

All Committee members are parents of children attending the Club. The Committee meets on a regular basis at the Springfield Primary School Community Wing. If you are a parent or carer of one or more children attending the Club, and are potentially interested in joining the Committee, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out about the role. You will be welcome to attend Committee meetings as an observer; with prior notification, and with no obligation to join.

To contact the Committee email, please write using the committee email address here.

For dates of Committee meetings please see the Club diary.

Meeting minutes

SOOSCC AGM 2013 minutes

SOOSCC AGM 2014 minutes

SOOSCC AGM 2015 Minutes

SOOSCC AGM 2016 Minutes

Annual Reports

Chairperson’s report 2014

Treasurers Report for AGM 2014

managers report 2014

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